1. A new type of block chain digital asset pledge

    Break through national and regional restrictions, and lend money to every area with digital asset exchanges. Forming a global lending mechanism, and doing business around the world.

  2. Monsters, Golden Horses, and other games

    MONEY MONSTER will cooperate with game manufacturers to participate in the world's first block chain wealth game. It has both the function of financial management and the amusement of amusement.

  3. Solid mineral field and mining strength

    Relying on new technology and cheap energy, the cost of the existing mines can be reduced by 60%, and the investors of MONE YMONSTER have a greater profit margin and better stability.


MONEY MONSTER, or MMON, uses block chaining technology to subvert the production, circulation, and consumption fields, and build a real circulation of assets.

Our team

Jessica Wang CEO

At Phoenix Tour Corporation acting as its General Manager. She is also active in the Jeunesse Global Overseas Chinese Community, in the global cross-border health industry. She served as Director of the Chamber of Commerce for Northeastern China, and Honorary President of the Shenyang Shenyi Weiye Leadership Workshop.

Leon Lee CTO

Monster of Industrial Engineering at New York State University, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Ethereum Community Developer, former head of the IC chip R&D group at Thomson Broadband Technology Co., Ltd.; he has been engaged in the development of blockchain technology for many years.

Mei Tanzil COO

Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) in 2009, and from Peking University EMBA Senior Seminar in 2012. She has been a media host and an art competition judge for many years.

Hu Xing CMO

who has worked hard in the field of financial management for a long time, is one of the earliest pioneers of marketing relations in China and a researcher of Blockchain technology.
In 2017, Singa Investment Inc. was founded in Las Vegas as CEO, specializing in the promotion and application of Blockchain technology.

Ouyang Jun

MMON Guangxi Community Leader

Gao Chenxin

MMON Jinan Community Leader

Kasumi Tominaga

MMON CO. Ltd. the President(JP)

Liu Yixi

Lianshang Community Founder

Zhang Rensheng

MMON Harbin Community Leader

Wu Yantao

MMON Shandong Community Leader


Strategic partners

Road Map

  1. Money Monster U.S.A Community


  2. Money Monster Hangzhou Community

    April 2018

  3. Establishment of MMON CO., LTD.Singa Blockchain Investment

    May 2018

  4. Monster mining machines to be launched on both web and mobile platforms

    June 2018

  5. 2-3 international digital assets exchanges to be launched.

    July 2018

  6. Large blockchain-based educational simulation game to be launched

    Fourth quarter 2018

  7. Digital asset escrow and lending projects to be started

    End of 2018

  8. Expanding the alliance of real mining machines

    First quarter 2019

  9. Digital assets escrow to be introduced into Japan, Europe and U.S

    Second quarter 2019

  10. Development of MMON application chains to be completed.

    Second half 2019

Community global layout

In the second quarter of 2018, the Japanese community was formally established. The community will focus on the Asia Pacific block chain and the talent of game technology. Relying on the loose legal environment and excellent scientific research force in Japan, the community will increase the development of the game and the innovation of the block chain technology, and strive to be the leading leader of the global block chain technology development wave. In April 2018, the Chinese community was established in Hangzhou China Chain Industrial Park, Shenzhen Nanshan and Nanning international commerce center. In order to speed up the global layout, MMON plans to build global communities in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Korea to achieve more global operations.